Time is Not on Your Side.

It's Time to Change the Game.


This is NOT a book on time management, or getting more efficient.

It is a book about being more effective as a leader by re-discovering how to engage with your people, the way you think about your business, and the energy and passion you put toward it.

Leaders Are Losing The War Against Time.

It’s time to start winning it - by re-learning how to be PRESENT.

Exceptional Advice from Inspirational Leaders

Doug Sterbenz

Doug Sterbenz is the recently retired COO of a multi-billion-dollar company. Now a public speaker and leadership coach, he leverages his experiences to help aspiring leaders reach their full potential.


Paul Heagen

Paul Heagen is a 20-year veteran of leadership consulting, guiding CEOs, Presidents, senior officers and entrepreneurs to a new understanding of leadership as a calling, not just a job.

The Key Components of Being Present

Physical Presence

Too often, we get enamored with the elegance or brilliance of our strategy, plan or vision as if the words alone are sufficient to stir the soul. What gets people to dig deep and rally is when they feel the commitment and energy of management to that vision or strategy. That can only come when you are physically present.

Mental Presence

Right now, given the flurry of distractions and stimulus coming at them, leaders can be barreling ahead to keep up and fail to step back and apply the higher order of critical thinking to their organization. It takes an intentional, focused effort to bear down and think deeply, critically and even creatively about the world around us. It takes a commitment, practice and discipline for it to become a habit. Great leaders are present mentally.

Emotional Presence

Many executives labor under the misunderstanding that leadership is about staying cool, reserved and a bit distant as a well-intended practice to remain independent in their thinking and actions. They couldn’t be more wrong. The reality is that fact and knowledge inform our actions but emotion is the fuel. Having a passion, an ability to speak to the heart as well as the mind is the mark of an emotionally present leader. 

What Others Are Saying About Paul and Doug

"When it comes to getting results, Doug has a proven track record of achieving world class results.

Doug inspired me, improved my effectiveness and helped me grow – personally or professionally."

- Senior Manager, Fortune 500 Company

"Paul is the epitome of professionalism, calm, clarity of thinking and understanding of complex internal and external drivers.

In Paul you will find a man of deep intellect, integrity, professionalism and skill. It has been my honor and privilege to work alongside him, and I am personally grateful for his mentorship and support."

- Senior VP, Global Services Company

"Doug’s experience as a leader at many levels is a huge asset.

He is enthusiastic, motivational and to the point. He uses his firsthand knowledge of strategy formulation and execution. Doug delivers significance with everyday examples that are coming from his vast experience."

- Leader of Higher Education

"By his uncanny ability to deeply listen without preconceptions, Paul enabled me to discover my own leadership journey.

This unique talent, combined with a patient yet provocative coaching style, has helped me translate my journey into an inspirational and practical leadership narrative that I apply daily. Paul has helped me develop a mindfulness to ensure that my leadership actions are consistently reflective of the best I have to offer as a person.

- CEO, Non-profit Social Services Organization

Doug Sterbenz

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Must Be Present To Win

Paul Heagen

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