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Everything said in this book is intended to equip you with the tools to unleash the natural pride that people can have in their work, their desire to have their company succeed.  Succeed fabulously.  When you consider who has had the most dramatic impact on you as a person and as a leader, it is almost always someone who was present in the ways depicted in this book.

You won’t learn this concept in business school.

You may not even learn it later in management training or executive development courses. Oddly, the one “it” factor in leadership—being present, fully invested in the moment—is rarely taught.

If you have been entrusted with leading others, you have your ticket. Sooner or later, your number will be called. Maybe it has been already.

Be Present.

  • chapter-foreword


    Time is not on your side.


  • chapter-1

    The Raffle

    Someone’s got your number; it might as well be YOU.

  • chapter-2

    Physically Present

    There really is a “there” there.

  • chapter-3

    Mentally Present

    Sometimes the brain has a mind of its own.

  • chapter-4

    Emotionally Present

    Put your heart in the right place.

  • chapter-5

    The Price of the Ticket

    There’s no such thing as a free raffle.

  • chapter-6

    What's Your Ticket Worth?

    More than the cost of the paper it’s printed on.

  • chapter-7

    The Action Plan

    Success begins with a plan.

  • chapter-8

    Physically Present Action Plan

    If it’s worth it – it’s worth scheduling.

  • chapter-9

    Mentally Present Action Plan

    Go deep, go often.

  • chapter-10

    Emotionally Present Action Plan

    Emotions connect people.

  • chapter-11

    The Big Day

    Make a difference.

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